In Progress Socks: Complete

As mentioned once or twice in the past, I really like having a pair of mindless socks on the needles for the bus. Socks are one of those things where the needles are small enough you won’t inadvertently poke the person sitting next to you (if you want to poke the person sitting next to you, you really have to try).

Today I finished the post recent pair of bus socks:

Aren’t they pretty. I love the stripes. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like the yellow (I don’t wear any yellow). But this works. Here’s a link to when they were in progress.

And of course, I cast on the next pair of socks. These will have to wait for a picture. They’re going to have purple and black stripes and be Ravens socks. Here’s the ball of yarn – hoping it will stripe into awesome Ravens socks (and hopefully they’ll be done before Sunday’s playoff game):


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